Revenue Streams

Diverse Revenue Streams Fueling The 0xLeverage Protocol

Our protocol thrives on a range of revenue streams, each contributing to its vitality and sustainability:

  1. Token Tax: A portion of the token tax is allocated to generate revenue for the leverage pool. This approach ensures that as the protocol grows, so does the pool's capacity to support leverage trading activities.

  2. Lending Fees: Lending fees represent an income source, generated as users engage in leveraged trading. These fees contribute to the financial solvency of the protocol while aligning with user activity and fairness.

  3. Liquidations: Liquidation events, while a risk management measure, also generate revenue. Funds recovered from liquidations are added the leverage pool, reinforcing its solvency.

  4. 0XLBOTS NFT Sales: The sale of the 0XLBOTS NFTs adds another layer to our revenue strategy. These NFTs not only provide access but also contribute to the overall financial foundation of the protocol.

By diversifying our revenue sources, we ensure the robustness of our protocol and its ability to adapt and grow in the dynamic landscape of leverage trading.

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