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Introduction to the 0xLeverage ecosystem


Welcome to 0xLeverage, the only leverage trading Telegram bot offering trading on any token that passes the initial security scan. 0xLeverage is a one-stop shop for Telegram DeFi trading covering multiple EVM compatible chains, offering both regular spot trading bot services as well as our industry leading leverage trading bot services. Currently in the open BETA phase, meaning that the leverage bot can be accessed by any user by sending a message on Telegram to our official 0xLeverage Trading Bot. The only requirements are that the user has joined the official 0xLeverage Telegram chat as well as the official 0xLeverage Gains chat. If a user would like more bot capabilities, our 0XLBOT NFT collection is an access pass which grants users more abilities within the bot including but not limited to 4 open trades as opposed to 1. These NFTs can be obtained on the secondary market on Opensea, or minted when the next batch of 100 are released (date TBA). We highly recommend reading this whitepaper in its entirety, as there is a lot of relevant information surrounding 0xLeverage and our utilities, bur for our 'One-page-readers' here is an overview you will need to read in order to get started with 0xLeverage. 1. Download and create a Telegram account. 2. Send a direct message to the 0xLeverage Trading Bot and click 'Start' or message /start. 3. Join 0xLeverage main chat and 0xLeverage Gains channel. 4. Copy and paste a contract address into the chat with the bot. 5. Follow the prompts given to you by the bot to open/close your position. (More details about step 5 can be found here.) (For NFT verification please follow the subsequent steps.) 4. Purchase an NFT either during one of our mints, or on the open market. 5. Verify ownership through collab.land to get access to the 0xLeverage BETA testers chat, in the Telegram messaging application. NFT Collab Land Link: https://telegram.me/collablandbot?start=VFBDI1RFTCNDT01NIy0xMDAxOTAxNzA0MjQ2 6. Start a chat with our BETA leverage bot. Happy trading!

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