๐Ÿ”“Personal Security

Always Keep Your Funds Safe

The auto-generated wallets and their private keys are securely stored on a dedicated encrypted server, and it's crucial to emphasize that our team has absolutely no access to them. However, it's essential to remain vigilant and adhere to standard security practices for safeguarding your keys.

Please note that once your keys have been displayed within your Telegram message thread with the bot, 0xLeverage cannot retrieve them, nor can we assume responsibility for their security. Protection against potential threats, such as malware, prying eyes, Telegram phishing scams, or similar risks, fall within the user's responsibility to address and defend against. Once the wallets and their keys have been displayed, we recommend you follow best security practices as you would with any other private key or seed phrase, as these are the master key to your funds. Funding the wallets with the minimum amount for you to complete the intended transactions is recommended, and storing all other funds on a cold storage device then funding the bot wallets when needed is the suggested method for staying secure.

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