๐ŸšถTrade Example Walkthrough

When you begin, click the 'start' button within the bot

You will then be prompted with your wallets and private keys. Be sure to store these keys adequately as they will only be shown once and the team has no access to them in the event of loss of keys.

Use the /start command to have the bot prompt you with the essential commands to get started.

Be sure to set your Gwei and slippage by using the /settings command, remember that this gwei is additional on top of the market gwei amount to ensure your trade is successful.

Simply paste a contract address into the chat and you will be presented with the trading bot menu.

For regular trades, set your parameters and open trade, for leverage trades click 'leverage menu'

For leverage trades, select your parameters and click open trade.

Your trade is now open! Use /tracklev to get real time updates on your position

To close your trade, simply click 'Close Trade' and the process will reverse with your PNL sent back to your wallet, if liquidation occurs you will be prompted via a bot message.

But with great risk, can come great reward! Be sure to share your gains when you make the right call!

Happy leverage trading!

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