Funding & Transferring Assets

Funding: When funding your bot generated wallets, it is as simple as sending Ethereum (ETH) to the desired public address generated by the 0xLeverage bot. When funding for leverage trading, you must send ETH to the first wallet generated for you as this wallet is the only wallet used for the leverage trading feature. Access this wallet address by using the /balances command within the bot chat.
Transferring Assets: When you need to transfer your ETH balance to another wallet address simply use the /balances command, and click the 'Transfer Out' button at the bottom of the bot reply.
This will prompt the transfer process of inputting the sender address (your wallet you are sending from), receiver address (the address you want to send to), and transfer amount (in ETH).
Once these steps are completed, the transfer will begin and the funds will be sent to the desired wallet address.