Revenue Allocation

Strategic Revenue Allocation: A Path to Sustainability and Growth

Our revenue allocation strategy is designed to serve both the stability of our protocol and the interests of our community. Here's how we allocate our revenue:

  1. Leverage Pool: A variable portion of the 5% token tax is consistently directed towards the leverage pool. This allocation strategy ensures the solvency of the pool, reinforcing its role as the backbone of our leverage trading ecosystem.

  2. 0XLBOT NFT Sales: A significant 90% of the revenue generated from the 0XLBOT NFT sales are injected directly into the leverage pool. This infusion of capital strengthens the pool's financial foundation, enhancing its capacity to support leveraged trading activities.

  3. Revenue Sharing: We believe in rewarding our community. Therefore, 50% of all fee's generated by both our trading bot and leverage bot will be distributed to stakers proportionate to the wallet weight. To qualify, stakers must hold a minimum of 2.5 million $0XL tokens or 0.25% of the total supply. These rewards are a token of our appreciation for your commitment to our ecosystem.

  4. Growth and Development: The remaining 50% of our revenue is committed to strategic initiatives. This allocation funds vital areas such as marketing, development, and, critically, the reinforcement of our leverage pool. By reinvesting in these essential aspects, we strengthen our protocol's foundations and power its continued growth.

Our revenue allocation approach is a testament to our commitment to financial transparency and community empowerment. It ensures the sustainability of our protocol while aligning with the interests of our valued stakeholders.

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