Additional Leverage Bot Utilities

(Coming Soon)
1. Add Margin for Enhanced Risk Management:
  • Our "add margin" feature allows users to have greater control over their positions with additional funds, reducing the risk of liquidation. However, it's crucial to be aware that if these funds are added too late and a liquidation event is imminent, the bot may not have time to process the margin increase. Therefore, users are encouraged to add margin proactively, especially if their position is approaching the liquidation threshold, to optimize their chances of avoiding liquidation.
2. Partial Close for Position Management:
  • The "partial close" option introduces a dynamic approach to position management. Users can now choose to close 50% of their position at any given time they choose, at any given price as long as it is above liquidation. This feature provides users with the flexibility to secure profits or minimize losses while still maintaining a position in the market.
3. Enhanced Stop Loss and Take Profit Management:
  • We've introduced the ability to add, edit, or remove stop-loss and take-profit orders even while a trade is actively open. This enhanced flexibility allows users to fine-tune their risk management and profit-taking strategies in response to changing market conditions, maximizing their control over their trading positions.
4. Leverage Limit Orders for Strategic Entry:
  • With leverage limit orders, users can predefine their leverage parameters and specify a desired entry price for an asset. When the asset's market price aligns with the user-set limit order price, the bot will automatically execute the trade. This feature streamlines the process of entering positions, making it easier to enter at profitable market opportunities.