0XLBOT Utilities

Premium Access: While our regular trading bot is accessible to all, 0XLBOTS NFT holders enjoy distinct advantages. You gain early access to new features and the public release of our leverage bot.

Multiple Trade Capabilities: With your 0XLBOTS NFT, you not only have access to our leverage bot but also the capabilities of opening more trades at once (once public release is live). This unique privilege, unavailable to standard users, doubles your opportunities in the dynamic world of leverage trading.

Increased Leverage: NFT holders benefit from double the maximum leverage funding, providing you with enhanced flexibility to control your trading strategy according to your preferences and market conditions.

Competitions: Have you ever aspired to compete in leverage trading tournaments? Your 0XLBOTS NFT serves as your ticket to these thrilling events, where you can test your trading skills and contend for coveted prizes. All of these features are exclusive to NFT holders.

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